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In times like these, the need for emerging technologies is even more important than usually and I am here to support companies to develop and use this technologies for their success.

In my 10+ years of professional experience in global IT companies, namely Oracle, IBM and Ingram Micro, I gained a broad knowledge of emerging technologies in areas like IoT or Cloud Computing. Since I worked for these multinational companies in Germany, Austria and Ireland, I bring broad insights into the global business partner landscape in the IT industry with me. I developed digital transformation strategies with global enterprises to become the industry leader.
To acquire a deeper technical understanding about IT infrastructure and code I successfully completed my training as Full Stack Web Developer. This enabled me to work independently on web projects in the front-, and backend.

My goal is to take the next step into digitalization together with you. That means we develop a strategy and define the next projects to ensure that you will remain successful in the future. I will gladly implement these projects successfully for you.

My Tech Stack

- JavaScript
- TypeScript
- React and React Native
- Node.js
- Next.js
- GraphQL
- PostgreSQL
- MongoDB
- Google Firebase and Firestore
- Google Analytics
- Docker
- Technical SEO
- AWS, Azure, Heroku and Netlify
- GitHub and GitLab
- Testing

My Articles

Why I left my job in IT sales to acquire the skill set of a Full Stack Web Developer.

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Development Projects

- Technical SEO implementation
- Mobile application development for IOS, Android and Web
- Database structuring with MongoDB, Google Firestore and PostgreSQL
- E-Commerce Shop development

Consulting Projects

- SEO strategy
- Requirements management
- Consulting on Digital Transformation Porjects for SMEs
- IoT projects
- Google Analytics projects
- Cloud native fan

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